About Us

Located in America’s oldest fishing port, we are redefining the fishermen/wharf relationship with a sole focus on the fishermen.

Cape Ann Lobstermen was established based on three core beliefs: trust, hard work and a common love for a fishery and its members. Lobstering is a hobby for some, a profession for many, and a passion and way of life for all. CAL was founded to protect our community and the fishermen themselves.

Located in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts, we understand the importance of upholding the standards set by the fisherman who came before us. A city that has seen vast change in the last decade but has maintained and preserved it’s love for the ocean and working waterfront has helped Cape Ann Lobstermen’s story evolve.

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Our Commitment

CAL is committed to providing a top-quality product and exceptional services to all involved in transporting a lobster from the trap to the consumers’ plate. We are not only supplying a sustainable seafood but are also investing money back into the people who deserve it the most. Without the fishermen there simply is no lobster. We promise to provide an exceptional product at competitive prices.

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Our Facility

CAL is located on the waterfront in Gloucester, MA. Lobster are unloaded directly from the boat onto the wharf and then into a 5,000 square foot building equipped with two 30,000 lb lobster tanks. Both tanks have the latest, state of the art technologies and are kept at the ideal low temperature for the lobsters to flourish. The facility also has two freezers and a large cooler in order to serve the boats a variety of the best bait available. It is a one stop shop for all involved in selling and buying live lobster.

We offer wholesale options!